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New Year Traditions

As the new year approaches, many people around the world take part in different traditions to celebrate the start of a new year.

From fireworks to parties, there are many ways to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Here are some of the most popular new year celebration traditions from around the world.

In Scotland, one of the most popular new year celebration traditions is called 'first footing'. This involves the first person to enter someone's house after the stroke of midnight being a tall, dark-haired man carrying a lump of coal, a piece of bread, and a gift. This is said to be a sign of good luck for the new year.

In Spain, the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight is popular. It is believed that eating a grape with each chime of the clock at midnight will bring good luck for the coming year.

In Japan, new year celebrations are known as 'Oshogatsu'. It is a time of renewal, and many people celebrate by eating traditional dishes such as 'osechi ryori', wearing kimonos, and visiting temples and shrines.

In China, the Lunar New Year is celebrated with the giving of red envelopes containing money

Happy New Year from the team at Foodchain

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