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The Modern Baker

What's it all about?


Bad diet is killing people. Good diet keeps us alive.

We have persuasive personal experience of the life-changing effects of intelligent diet.

We know what works.

The recipe is refreshingly simple.

We start with equal parts TASTE, NUTRITION AND PROVENANCE.


If the revolution doesn’t taste better than the old guard, no-one will join. So we’ve taken down one of the barricades that separates people from healthy choices.

Our food tastes great.


If the revolution doesn’t do you more good than the old guard, no-one will change.

So we’ve made sure our bread keeps the gut fed with accessible fibre.

Our food is excellent for you.


If the revolution is only surface-deep, people will stick with the old guard.

So all our ingredients are the best we can find, raised in the healthiest way by people who understand and support our radical mission.

Our food is trustworthy.

Scientific proof is at the heart of what we do.

The glut of misleading information around nutrition is costing billions in preventable disease. With so many conflicting claims and ever-changing advice, people don’t know what to believe.

Our revolution calls time on establishment propaganda and insists on first-hand proof.


Over 95% of all baked goods deserve to be called ‘Fast-Carbs’: indistinguishable from sugar to the digestive system and rapidly absorbed by the blood stream. They provide the human gut with none of the fuel it needs to function – with ruinous consequences.

A healthy gut is a massive contributor to overall health outcomes, but its workings are a mystery to most. Not to us though. Thanks to a series of grants from Innovate UK, Modern Baker works with the nutritional pioneers and ‘model guts’ at the UK’s leading research institute on food and the microbiome. In short, we know what works.

Our revolution is based on proof.

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