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In November 2022 Islands Chocolate released their much anticipated Islands Hot Chocolate Powder. They kept things simple, pairing 45% unrefined Caribbean cocoa with homegrown British sugar and a sprinkling of sea salt, letting the natural flavours of the cocoa sing through.

Create the prefect hot chocolate with Islands Chocolate

For an 8oz cup you will need:

  • 20g Islands Chocolate hot chocolate powder

  • 28ml/1 fl oz boiling water

  • 170ml/6 fl oz milk (dairy or alternative)

Method: Barista, Latte Art

  • Scoop the Islands Hot Chocolate Powder into a milk pitcher

  • Dose with a splash of hot water and mix to create a smooth paste

  • In a separate jug, steam your milk to latte milk texture

  • Pour the milk over the paste, using a circular motion. Bring the milk closer to the cup to create latte art

Method: Barista, Straight Steam

  • Pour the milk into a jug and scoop in the Islands Hot Chocolate Powder

  • Heat with a steam wand

Method: At Home

  • Place your Islands Hot Chocolate Powder and milk into a jug

  • Pour in a splash of boiling water in to make a smooth paste

  • Gradually pour in your cold milk, stirring constantly to make a smooth chocolate milk

  • Heat the chocolate milk in a microwave or on the hob

You can find the full Islands Chocolate range on Foodchain today!

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