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Udale Speciality Foods is a family-owned business run by two brothers, Ian and Neil Udale. The company was founded by their great grandfather in 1905.

Their enthusiasm for supplying customers with the very best service has led to a long and proven track record which is reflected in their high customer retention rate and awards.

Some of our recent awards include:

Great Taste Awards 2019 – Udale Dry Aged Ox Cheek, Udale Dry Aged Best End of Lamb

Great Taste Award 2018 – Dry-aged pork belly, Dry Aged Jacobs Ladder/Short Rib, Dry Aged Beef Wing Rib Joint, Dry Aged Rib of Beef, Slacks of Cumbria Smoked Pork Sausage, Slacks of Cumbria Traditionally made Cumberland Sausage, Slacks of Cumbria Sliced Pancetta

Great Taste Awards 2017Udale Dry Aged Pork Shoulder, Udale Dry Aged Lamb Shoulder, Udale Dry Aged 4 Bone Rib of Beef, Udale Dry Aged Cote de Boeuf, Udale Dry Aged Lamb Rack, Udale Dry Aged Leg of Lamb, Slacks of Cumbria Sausage

The company’s main objective is to constantly develop and improve their services and product ranges by working with existing and future customers to meet and exceed their expectations.

The growth and success of the company is down to the commitment of the whole team, continued investment in new systems and their ongoing desire for excellence.

What can you expect from their Salt Ageing Chamber?

Their Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber allows for increased flavours to seriously wow customers, without bacterial growth that can often be associated with naturally dry-aged meat.

Whilst naturally dry-aged meats can be aged safely up to 40 days or so, Salt Ageing not only breaks through that barrier but also delivers a beautifully intense flavour.

Find out more here about the Udale Himalayan Salt Chamber.

Find the full range from Udale on the Foodchain app

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