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Udale - Creedy Carver

Udale are proud to work with Creedy Carver. Their free range ducks are reared to the highest welfare standards offering a large grass covered range area and the opportunity to bath and clean their feathers as nature intended. Traditionally dry plucked and hand finished onsite, fully licensed processing plant they pride themselves on the presentation they achieve.

As the largest producer of free range, dry plucked ducks in the UK Creedy Carver are the perfect partners for Udale and we feel their ducks stand out and is the reason why they are widely chosen by many of the best chefs in the UK.

What can you expect from our Salt Ageing Chamber?

Their Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber allows for increased flavours to seriously wow customers, without bacterial growth that can often be associated with naturally dry-aged meat.

Whilst naturally dry-aged meats can be aged safely up to 40 days or so, Salt Ageing not only breaks through that barrier but also delivers a beautifully intense flavour.

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