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We are working to build a more sustainable, efficient and transparent supply chain that both chefs and suppliers love. Our mission is to bring high quality, fresh, and affordable food to everyone.

Trusted by some of the top names in food

“The quality and consistency that Foodchain offers across the board has allowed us to keep working with, and supporting, small producers who are doing something very special, whilst reducing admin time and costs. We love building relationships with producers, Foodchain has allowed us to reach people we would not normally have been able to.”

Sandy Jarvis


@The Culpeper

“With Foodchain the food comes direct from source, the service is reliable and consistent and the prices are more than competitive”

Elliot Plimmer

Head Chef

“Foodchain have saved us 15% -20% across all the lines we buy from them which has had a massive effect on our food costs. They have introduced us to new suppliers and sourced us products that we were already using for better prices. Quality is always great as it comes straight from the producer.”

Mike Denman

Executive Chef

All of your supply in one place

All of your supply in one place

Access and consolidate all of your supply under one virtual roof. Foodchain empowers your team to work together to get high quality supply at the best price.

Improve the quality of your supply

Improve the quality of your supply

Our curated network of suppliers work hard to get the highest quality food to chefs for less. Foodchain empowers them to increase transparency, sustainability and efficiency of their supply chain.

Community: Connecting Chefs & Suppliers

We’re building a community of the best chefs, restaurants, producers and suppliers. We want to help build sustainable relationships between sellers and buyers because together we believe we can make a better food chain.


Gary Hendriksen


Great Northern


Mcintyre Meats

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