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About Foodchain

Our mission at Foodchain is to build a transparent, fair and sustainable food supply chain, ensuring high quality, affordable food for everyone. We are a passionate team dedicated to building a better food system.


Our platform connects chefs, restaurants and households to a wide variety of suppliers in meat, fish, dairy, produce and speciality products.


Where possible, we have cut out the middleman and eradicated the warehouse, to guarantee delivery of the freshest, high quality food at the best prices. We are connecting you directly to the best suppliers of food in the UK. 


Over the last 6 years we have worked with hundreds of the best restaurants in the UK including Mark Hix, Lyles, Chiltern Firehouse, Ottolenghi, Great Northern Hotel to name a few.


By adding efficiency to the supply chain, we are able to push more money up the supply chain to the producers whilst maintaining great prices for our chefs and consumers, who save on average 15% - 20% buying from Foodchain. 

Buy local and help protect the planet

Buy British, buy better quality, buy more sustainably, buy on Foodchain.


Try us out today: 

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