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Find anything you need to know about Foodchain

What is Foodchain?
Foodchain is a marketplace for chefs and suppliers. we offer streamlined and efficient way for suppliers to sell their produce and a efficient cost-effective way for chefs to order everything they need to manage their menus. 

Is Foodchain Free?
Yes - we are free to use for chefs and free to use for suppliers. We make a profit through adding an agreed % mark up with all our suppliers. This ensures we can effectively manage their inventory and orders whilst giving chefs a accessible and competitive marketplace. 

How do I place an order?
Placing an order is easy. First download the app, the app is available in the google playstore and the App store. Once you download the app completes our short sign-up form and then you are ready to browse all our amazing suppliers. Once you have downloaded the app we ask you a couple of questions and then viola

Place an order by filling up your basket - once you're ready to order go to checkout and then complete your order using our speedy pay at check out integration with stripe. once you're ready to order go to checkout and then complete your order by either putting your order on account or paying via debit or with credit card

Order Notes

When you place an order remember to add any additional notes in the notes section. Here you can ask for specific requirements regarding your order - maybe you want your fish portioned in a particular way, or your marrow bones cut to a specific thickness - leave these in the note section to make sure the supplier knows exactly what you need


What happens once I have placed my order?

Once you place an order it forget sent to the supplier. You will receive an email Confirmation letting you know that the order has been sent to the supplier. The supplier will then have the option to review the order and then either accept or amend or reject the order. Once they have done this you will receive another email either letting you know that the email has been accepted or amended or rejected. 


How do I pay?

Pay using stripe - quick and simple. Pay using a debit card or credit card at checkout. Put your card details in once and then you are ready to go. As soon as your order is accepted, we process the payment making this the most seamless way to pay for your orders. Your details will be securely saved so that next time its even faster to pay

Pay using credit - If you want to pay using credit with have different credit options.  Please get in touch with us by emailing at and we will set you up with credit terms for you everyone

How do I change my Password? 

Please get in touch with us at We will be able to update your password

Where are my invoices?
Invoice are sent to your username email address. This helps you track every order you make. Every account attached to your restaurant profile will receive invoices. The invoice are created when your order is accepted by the supplier. 

What is the eta of my order?
If you need an eta get in touch with you supplier using the details on the confirmation email - different suppliers have different delivery times - so make sure to read your confirmation, email it will have your suppliers' details ad delivery specifics there. 

When will my order be accepted?
Your order will be accepted by the supplier once it has been packed and is ready for shipping.  Once an order has been accepted you will be sent an email detailing the process of that individual supplier. 


Are my prices live?

Yes all prices you see on Foodchain are currently – so no more guessing what you are going to be charged!


Do you deliver the products?

Some of our suppliers deliver their own amazing produce, whilst others receive their deliveries from Foodchain’s superb delivery partners


How do I contact the supplier?

Within the Foodchain app there is an in-app chat function which allows you to contact the supplier directly and ask about products etc

Can I add multiple team members to be able to order?

Yes, just contact Foodchain to get your team member added –


Can I remove team members?

Yes, just contact Foodchain to get remove the team member –


Is there a desktop version?

Yes there is!

Can Foodchain integrate with my other software I use? Such as accounting and kitchen management software?

Foodchain integrates with various accounting software programs including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks we are also working with other software management systems. Please contact to chat about how we can help integrate with your existing software.

Where is Foodchain based?

Foodchain is a truly “national” company we have suppliers and customers across the UK (England, Scotland and Wales)

Can I get my existing suppliers onto Foodchain?

Yes, just get in contact with us at and we can speak with them about joining the Foodchain revolution

Do you audit suppliers?

Our operations and sales teams do regular audits on suppliers. Many of our supplier have their own accreditations including BRC or Salsa

Any questions please just get in touch

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