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6 Summer Fruits You Absolutely Have to Eat While They're In Season

Blueberries - Nothing beats fresh blueberries, popping with flavour. We love cooking them into a sweet sauce for topping everything from ice cream to meringue cookies.

Cherries - Sweet or sour, cherries are an absolute summer treat. We'll never say no to sitting on a dock and spitting the pits into the lake, but we also love breaking out our cherry pitter to make a single-fruit salad with them.

Blackberries - These sweet treats are at their best when they practically fall off the stem, and they're best when used in the simplest dishes, like custard tarts and light cakes.

Watermelon - If you asked fifty folks to name the most iconic summer fruit, it's a sure bet 49 would say watermelon. (There's always that one guy.) One of our favourite ways to eat it is sliced and marinated in lime and mint, mojito-style.

Strawberries - Is there anything more quintessentially English than British Strawberries? Enjoy them on their own or with a dollop of cream and meringue for a class Eton Mess.

Raspberries - We love to pair these delicate, tart little berries with a small scoop of extra dark chocolate ice cream, or with almonds, oats, and butter to create little snack bars.

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