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Aeithalis Olive Oil

Brief History

Ilias Panagiotakopoulos inherited the centuries old family olive grove in 2017 after the passing of his father. The grove, situated in Messinia, Greece needed some work so with his best friend William Uden, they set about restoring the venerable trees to their former glory. William grew up on organic farmland in Wales and the two of them began restoring the grove and harvesting olives in a gentle way, working alongside nature, not against it. We don’t use chemicals and we don’t artificially water the trees. No weed killers, no machinery and bird safe harvesting makes Aeithalis the best choice for sustainability here in the UK as well as back in Greece .We will be fully organically certified in 2023

Aeithalis is a unique partnership in the sense that Ilias owns 50% of the company. Therefore the money from the sales of our EVOO go directly to him and his family. Profits help us support the grove and pay all our workers a living wage.

  • Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil. PDO Kalamata

  • Hand Picked Olives, Only From Our Grove, Nowhere Else

  • 100% Bird Nest Safe

  • Grown to Organic standard. Full Certification in 2023

  • No Artificially Watered Trees

  • Low Intensity Farming For Greater Biodiversity

  • Closed Loop Packaging System


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