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Cabrito - The Story so far

For over 10 years Cabrito has built relationships across the British Goat Dairy industry

We take goats from farms nationwide, including leading supermarket brands, helping to end the historic practice of euthanising the unwanted male kids. We have the goats reared to our specification on farms independently audited to the highest welfare standards.

Where it all started

Back in 2011 Sushila and James bought 4 kid goats from Will and Caroline Atkinson at Hill Farm Dairy to help with an overgrown field. In getting to know Will and Caroline they learned of the plight of the male dairy goats. Deciding they would try to do something about the practice of routine euthanasia, James returned to Will the next spring, found someone to rear all his male kids and sold them into London restaurants.

As demand grew...

Cabrito brought more dairies into the system, in the pursuit of Cabrito’s mission statement:

Put all the UK male dairy goats into the food system.

Goat Book Launch

'Goat' was published in 2016 and went on to win the prestigious James Beard and Guild of Food Writers Awards. "Containing 90 recipes, it is essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in food and the way we eat today, and set to be the definitive guide on the subject for years to come, Goat is a genre-defining book".

Where we are now

After a successful crowdfunding campaign to build a state-of-the-art butchery, Cabrito continues to sell goat to catering butchers, restaurants and direct to the public, via its online shop, nationwide. We will continue to work on promoting goat meat and championing the sustainable farming system from which it comes.


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