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Cacklebean Eggs

Cackleberry Farm is nestled at the foot of a hill just outside Stow-on-the-Wold. Run by Paddy and Steph Bourns, their rare breed flocks are entirely free range and live in traditional chicken houses on 12 acres of land, with lots of perches.

We maintain a healthy flock, all of our chickens are bred on the farm, and hatched in our hatchery. Laying eggs is hard work, so our girls need a good start and plenty of food to keep them healthy and happy. The richness and naturalness of the diet shows with their yellow legs and full beaks - no beak clipping on our farm! Our hens at both of our farms have large sheds with plenty of perch space and a large scratch area. During the day they range free in lush green fields, which are sown with natural herbs for the hens to nibble. They roam in small flocks - the space and smaller numbers help to reduce stress, resulting in happier, healthier hens and the best quality eggs.

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