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Coffee - How do you have yours?

With so many different ways of having your morning /afternoon or evening brew we have a quick look at some of the many different options

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee served in small, strong shots and is the base for many coffee drinks. It's made from the same beans as coffee but is stronger, thicker, and higher in caffeine. However, because espresso is typically served in smaller servings than coffee, it has less caffeine per serving - Our sales mangers favourite!

Americano is a shot of espresso topped with hot water - Head of operations lives off these

Cortado is an espresso coffee drink, cut with a small amount of steamed milk

Flat white is an espresso drink made with a shot of espresso and two shots of steamed milk. It takes a little bit of skill to prepare, but once you've mastered this recipe, it's easy to make flat white espresso drinks again and again.

Latte is a milk coffee that boasts a silky layer of foam as a real highlight to the drink. A true latte will be made up of one or two shots of espresso, steamed milk and a final, thin layer of frothed milk on top. These elements combined result in a balanced milky coffee that possesses an aesthetically pleasing look and a smooth texture

Cappuccino contains equal parts of espresso, steamed and milk froth. The coffee cup for a cappuccino is smaller than a latte cup, usually between 150 and 180 ml. The size of your cup is very important to get the right flavour balance between your espresso and the right amount of milk

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