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Coffee Suppliers

Foodchain has multiple coffee suppliers on the Foodchain app!

here we highlight just 3 of the suppliers

Grumpy Mule

Are an independent coffee roaster based in Meltham, Yorkshire UK. We pride ourselves on creating Award Winning Coffee that is meticulously sourced, ethically traded and deliciously grumpy.

Sustainability isn’t just a word for us here at Grumpy Mule, it’s an approach. Ethical isn’t just a slogan for us, it’s a commitment. Traceability for us is about the who, not the where.

Oh, and of course, GREAT tasting coffee.

To say that Grumpy Mule only cares about coffee is not entirely fair. He, and we, also care about our farmers, our growers and our customers. And other mules. And carrots. And a well-placed scratch behind the ears.


Sendero means the path to hard-working farmers inremote coffee growing regions. Sendero Specialty Coffee started sustainably sourcing outstanding coffees from relatively unknown coffee producing countries, such as Uganda. Sendero is paying above Fair Trade prices and working closely with farmers and cooperatives to make sure they are the ones who receive the proceeds in order to improve their livelihoods and farming standards.Sendero Specialty Coffee recently developed fully compostableandbiodegradableNespresso® compatible capsuleswith a long shelf life. Thecoffee tastes amazing, and the capsules decompose inless than half a year, so they are better for ourenvironment as well.

The Roasting Shed

Our philosophy has remained the same from the very start: uncompromising quality of product and service.

We roast in small batches to ensure the unique flavours of the coffee are highlighted and enhanced. The beans are fully traceable and sourced through a responsibly-minded supply chain that cultivates meaningful relationships with growers who are committed to respecting their people and the environment.

We hope you enjoy the results.

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