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Craggs & Co

What's it all about?

Here at Craggs & Co, we are the UK’s leading commercial producer of ancient grain wheat products.

From our family farms in the stunning North East & North Yorkshire countryside, we have been selecting the finest grains to grow and harvest for over 70 years.

In 2015 we diversified to spelt production, and since then we are proud to have fast become the UK’s largest producer of spelt products.

Together with our carefully selected assured growers from across the country, we supply 100% British ancient grains.

What are Ancient Grains?

Ancient grains are making a long-overdue comeback. Spelt, rye, emmer and einkorn belong to a group of unrefined wheat varieties that have not been genetically modified through centuries of selective cultivation. Their origin dates back millennia, which means their high nutritional value remains unchanged. This is compared to heavily modified modern wheat varieties which tend to give higher yields, but at the cost of higher gluten and lower fibre content.

The only way to find out why our ancient grain flour is causing such a stir in the baking world is to try it for yourself! Take a look at our fully traceable product range that can be purchased in either 1kg, 16kg & 20kg bags to suit your needs!

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