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International Bacon Day 3/9/22

If you didn't know this was a thing you do now!

Salted pork was first served on the tables of the Chinese thousands of years ago. From there, the practice of curing pork spread throughout the Roman Empire. Bacon fat was also used by Anglo-Saxon peasants for cooking. The term bacon or ‘bacoun’ stems from Middle English, with French and German dialect elements to it. It was used to refer to all pork meat till the 16th Century

Bacon is sold as both smoked or unsmoked – the latter is termed ‘green’, and is paler and milder than the smoked variety. There are three types of rasher: back (from the loin, the leanest and most expensive), streaky (from the belly, it’s the fattiest and often tastiest cut) and middle (back and streaky bacon in one cut). Bacon joints include collar (from the shoulder), hock (from the front leg of the pig) and gammon (from the hind leg)

So on Saturday enjoy a few rashers of bacon knowing you'll be in the company of a few more doing the same!

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