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Introducing Jones, The Butcher

Jones, the butcher has humble beginnings. Our founder Michael Jones started his career as a cashier on Smithfield Market in his early 20’s. Being an ever-canny business man he bought a van and started to deliver fresh meat to restaurants, cafes and butchers on his way home.

Ever since then we have expanded and developed. In 1962 we founded our base in Herne Hill and there we have stayed. Five members of the Jones family and three generations have worked for the business over the years. Only two Jones’ remain, father and son, Andrew and Justin.

The team at Jones, the Butcher specialise in supplying the highest quality meat, poultry and game from around the world.

We use British products as much as possible, sourcing our beef from Yorkshire and Scotland, lamb from Scotland and Shropshire, pork from Norfolk and poultry from Yorkshire and Norfolk.

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