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Islands Chocolate

A bit about the legends at Islands Chocolates

They are committed to producing high quality products without compromising on their sourcing. All ingredients are obtained from their approved supplier list.

They are proud to use no artificial flavours or preservatives in our products, preparing their tried and tested recipes according to best practice standards in the industry.

They are focussed on offering an artisan product at a sensible price, accompanied by a flexible approach and outstanding service to produce the best the market has to offer.

They are serious about food safety and all products are produced in accordance with the best hygiene practices and standards for the food industry. They are committed to continuous investment in our production processes, equipment and staff training in St Vincent, Belgium and the UK to ensure that they deliver to their customers' expectations.

The Islands product portfolio is constantly evolving to meet the desires of their clients, from crafting bespoke batches of chocolate to innovative concepts and dish creation.

their Development Kitchen is constantly testing both modern and classic patisserie recipes to determine the best application of each chocolate in the Islands range.

Head Chef Rebecca works closely with clients to develop new product lines and improve and refine the use of chocolate within current products, while overseeing the forthcoming education curriculum for their kitchen and barista teams.

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