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Looking for something exotic

Trying to find something new and exotic to your menu?

Bello Wild Foods - Supply the very best wild and foraged ingredients across the U.K. From the coasts of Cornwall right up to the most northern coasts of Scotland, they identify and forage the best wild edibles from seaweeds to wild mushrooms.

Sea spaghetti is a hyper abundant wild seaweed in the U.K. it’s a fantastic ingredient with mild flavour and a spaghetti like visual presence - Get this now on the Foodchain app from Bello Wild Foods

Ren's Pantry - Every spice you could ever want and more from Ren's Pantry. She's an expert and has so much knowledge to help you pair your spices with your ingredient's. Chat on the app with Ren's Pantry today!

Download the Foodchain app now to find even more supplier to help you with your menu!

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