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Meet Sladesdown Farm

Daniel and Elaine were both brought up in farming families and wished to start our their farming business. They originally started rearing turkeys and geese for the Christmas period and the business has gone from strength to strength. They are now producing all year round chicken, duck, beef and (when available) guinea fowl.

Devon Ruby Red Beef

Beef from Devon Ruby Red cattle is noted for tenderness, being well marbled and full flavoured; produced on our farm. Their meat is hung for a minimum of 3 weeks, reducing the water content and producing the darker colour expected and much sought after in traditionally naturally produced meat. This, along with the marbling, produces the full flavour and tenderness that makes Sladesdown Devon Red. And of course all their meat is reared in a traditional fashion by themselves.


Their poultry is grown and finished on a non GM all natural feed with no added growth stimulants or antibiotics and grazed in the ranges on a variant of grasses, vetches and other brassicas to endeavour to give the birds the unique flavour. With their own modern processing facility on the farm, all of their poultry is processed according to Veterinary regulations. Minimally processed with no preservatives or artificial basting ingredients, Sladesdown Farm Poultry is oven ready with giblets included. For unsurpassed natural tenderness and juiciness, try a premium Devon Turkey, Chicken or Duck from Sladesdown Farm to enjoy this unique delicious flavour.

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