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Marsha Soho - W1B 5PW & Marsha Southbank - SE1 9PP

At Marsha we’re passionate about minimising food waste and showing off unloved parts of this marvellous bird.

Fifty million chickens are wasted in the UK each year, and we’re determined to play a role in reducing that number.

So we use as much of the bird as we can, finding creative ways to serve not only thigh and breast, but also skins, liver, and heart.

And we do this using higher-welfare, free-roaming chickens from the Soanes family farm in Yorkshire, which has been producing magnificent poultry for generations.

We also believe that doing good is the only way to run a good business. So we work with social enterprises and ethical suppliers, and try to re-use and re-love wherever we can - everything from furniture, to light fittings, to items on our menus.

We love chicken as much as you do, so it’s our mission to showcase it as inventively as possible. That’s why we make sure it’s always served and sourced in the right way.

We only buy chickens from the Soane family in Yorkshire, who run a multi award-winning farm where birds are reared to higher welfare standards. We’re uncompromising on that.

The result of their rich life is great-tasting, succulent chicken that we’re so proud to serve.

Then we make sure we use as much of the chicken as we can, to minimise waste – it feeds our passion and creativity.

We want to show you how good drumstick, liver and heart can be.

This is chicken in all its glory, as you’ve rarely seen it before. We can’t wait for you to try.

Pay us a visit on the South Bank, where we’ve got some of the best views across the Thames from our waterside home.

Or head to Kingly Court to enjoy our super-creative menu across two floors of an amazing central London location.

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