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Mr Truffle

What's it all about?

Mr Truffle Ltd is a brand new venture specialising in sourcing the finest Italian truffles that nature has to offer and delivering them to you, on demand. With a combined 30 years of specialised, local experience, they select only the best truffles from the Apennines mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty untarnished by modern agricultural techniques and methods.

At this point modernity intervenes, combining traditional methods with up-to-date logistics and technology, to bring this luxury product to your table exactly when needed. Attention to detail and a flawless customised service at the most competitive price is our hallmark.

Experience and love has led their commitment in the picking and commercialization of a rich and delicate product, in the need of care and particular attention, in order to reach the most prestigious tables of the world in perfect condition. Their mission is to make fine fresh truffles accessible to truffle lovers seeking an unforgettable culinary experience. Truffles are the most luxurious food in the world, and the quality of their product is guaranteed by a 100% Made in Italy origins.


Abruzzo is located in central Italy and stretches from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea, on a mostly mountainous and wild terrain. In the mountains, astonishing landscapes rise among unpolluted peaks and rocky walls. The natural beauty of the high and steep peaks of the Gran Sasso, Laga Mountains, and Mount Majella slopes down to a wide range of hills, until it finally reaches the Adriatic coast. The route that spans from the Gran Sasso down to the sea crosses territories that are rich in history, traditions and art that never cease to surprise visitors. Small villages of the hinterland, as well as the monasteries and castles of the region, are very charming and part of many touristic routes in this the “greenest region” in Italy.


Narrow valleys and impressive, natural paths thrust their way into the mountains and hills; crawling with amazing and fascinating hamlets and ancient villages, such as the Bourbon Fortress of Civitella Del Tonto which stands at 600 meters above sea level, in a very strategic position. Natural reserves, like the National Park of Abruzzo, the Park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains, or that of Mount Majella, protect the typical flora and fauna of the area, including the golden eagle, the wolf and the Marsican brown bear.

Here, their truffles are wild hunted following traditional methods and endless love for our land and its organic products. This precious and mysterious “fruit” of the earth has seduced men and women of all times and continues to tempt the noble palates of good cooking experts with its unmistakeable flavor and aroma.


The concepts of business ethics and social responsibility is a priority for us. Therefore, driven by the endless love for our land, Mr Truffle operates at any time giving priority to our environment protection, by minimising any possible impact. Only through their professionalism and high standard of ethical conduct and “respect” for their territory, we were able to build a lasting and trustworthy relationship with those truffle hunters, kings of mountain, that on a daily basis hunt the finest quality truffles form the Apennines, and ship them to us. For this simply reason our truffles are the freshest you will find in the UK.

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