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New Covent Garden Market

A bit of information!

Based on the south bank of the River Thames, just two miles from the centre of London, New Covent Garden is proud to be an integral part of the supply chain of healthy, nutritious and beautiful food, drink and flowers to millions of Britons. We are London's home of fresh. Every day, we facilitate the vital connection between retail and catering businesses across the South East of England with growers of first class, seasonal produce across the globe.

The Market even has roots that can be traced far back beyond the seventeenth century. Our world-renowned traders have moved with the times, as you'd expect, but you’ll still find the traditional pillars of business hold sway; great relationships, unrivalled expertise, loyalty and trust and, of course, a passion for the products we all love.

We’re in Nine Elms, London’s newest district - an incredibly advantageous geographical location from which to deliver to customers anywhere in London and the South East, fast. It’s quick and easy for you to come and buy here too, whether by road or by public transport. Shorter journeys save time and reduce the impact of the supply chain on the environment. They also ensure that you receive the freshest seasonal produce, which can underpin your sustainability credentials.

Despite our worldwide reputation, we know we are still a bit of a trade secret to some. We’re the place where your favourite restaurant sources their delicious fruit, veg and other fresh foods. The place your local market trader buys for their stall. Where your local pub, café, florist, school, hospital, even prison, get their fresh produce. Had a cocktail recently? Guess where that fruit, or even that ice, most likely came from. We supply an incredible selection of food and flower businesses all across London and the South East. We'd love for you to be our next customer.

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