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New suppliers on Foodchain

The newest suppliers on the Foodchain app are....

We are on a mission to reconnect people with nature. We believe that as a society we have become far too disconnected from our food and the land it comes from. Everything we're about ties together, naturally. The way our farmers manage their animals affects the flavour of the meat they produce as well as their impact on the environment. It's not just about eating good food. It's about knowing where it comes from and how your choices impact both people and planet.

We started The Ethical Butcher because we wanted to create change. It might sound cliché but we know that the industry needed a shift and that we could 'be the change'. Our founders, Farshad who has been in the meat industry for over 15 years and Glen who is an ex vegetarian, believe passionately in righting an industry that has gone so far wrong.

Ever since we were founded in 2006, the mission has been to fight the blight of bad coffee. Coffee that’s throwaway, unethically sourced and tastes like an industrial accident. So we source fairly and sustainably, making sure that our growers share in our success. We roast with precision and care, making sure that we get the very best flavour from each and every bean that our growers have worked so hard to produce. And then we sell, making sure our customers see the zealous gleam in the eye. Because great coffees, truly great coffees, depend on every stage of the process being just right. That’s what drives Grumpy Mule.

Capo Caccia was launched by native Sardinian Antonio Arca in 2012 to bring his love of traditional Sardinian food to his adopted home of London.

Capo Caccia's selection of cheese, cured meat, seafood and more offer a range of delicious flavours that are unique to Sardinia, given the island’s variety of micro-climates, clean air, and luscious landscape in which livestock roam and graze freely. These unique, specially-sourced products can open up a whole world of new and exciting flavours in the kitchen, particularly if paired with local, high-quality produce.

We regularly travel throughout Sardinia meeting local producers and sourcing the finest regional staples such as pecorino cheese and pane carasau, alongside our range of gluten- and lactose-free salami, seasoned and marinated with fennel, myrtle leaves and wine.

In addition, we source mustela, a traditional southern Sardinian cured pork loin, smoked and aged ricotta, sea urchin, and bottarga, a cured and salted fish roe - among many more unique products. Knowing our artisan producers personally goes a long way towards ensuring the love for our selection of fine food is passed directly to you - behind every taste is a story!

You’ll find us across London at the finest food markets, and our charcuterie and cheese at restaurants and food shops all around the city. We’re passionate about the amazing food that comes from Sardinia and it’s a pleasure to be able to share this passion with you and bring a taste of Sardinia to London.

Castle Game Scotland was created by Andy Smith and Neil Gilmour in 2018. Both share a passion for gamekeeping and deer stalking and as such have many years’ experience in this industry. They had a shared goal of supplying local, high-quality, and sustainable produce sourced from Scotland’s natural larder. Since 2018 the company has grown to supply high-quality meat on a wholesale basis to many of Scotland’s well-known eateries, as well as selling directly to the customers through online orders or at their shop located just outside Edinburgh. The team deliver a bespoke game butcher service and have created a community by building relationships with each individual customer to deliver their exact requirements. Wholesale customers range from small scale food trucks and Michelin star restaurants to boutique food stores. All their meat is sourced locally from around the central belt of Scotland which works well for restaurants that are environmentally conscious, encourage the field to fork movement or who look to promote Scottish produce. Following the covid pandemic and the requirement for customers to acquire the Castle Game produce directly, in 2020 the team opened a shop at Trinlaymire Farm and created an online store through their website. The farm shop is open on Friday and Saturday morning and stocks a selection of cuts of game and locally sourced beef as well as unique recipes such as their homemade game sausages. At the farm shop they also sell homemade salts and rubs, cheeses supplied by I.J Mellis Cheesemonger, bread supplied by Company Bakery and seafood and lobsters supplied by Seacliff SA. All the supplying companies are based around Edinburgh and the Lothians, as part of our locally sourced ethos.

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