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Seasonal Produce - British

Vegetables Broccoli - Purple Sprouting Brussel Sprouts Cabbage - Cavolo Nero Carrots - Chantenay & Rainbow Corn on the Cob Heritage Potatoes - Pink Fir, Salad Blue & Yukon Gold

Kale - Green, Purple & Variegated Pak Choi Parsnips - Baby Piccolo Pumpkins - Halloween Carving Rainbow Chard Romanesco Sprout Tops Squash - Acorn, Crown Prince, Gem, Harlequin, Kabocha, Mash Potato, Mixed, Onion, Spaghetti & Turks Turban

Fruit Apples - Braeburn, Bramley, Cox, Royal Gala, Russet & Spartan Pears - Comice & Conference

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