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The most popular takeaways in England

  1. Fish and chips: Fish and chips is a classic British takeaway dish enjoyed by many across England.

  2. Indian cuisine: Indian food, including dishes like curry, tikka masala, and biryani, is extremely popular and widely available as takeaway options in England.

  3. Chinese cuisine: Chinese food, such as sweet and sour chicken, chow mein, and spring rolls, is also a common choice for takeaways in England.

  4. Pizza: Pizza is a universally loved takeaway option, and there are numerous pizza chains and local pizzerias across England.

  5. Kebabs: Kebabs, often served with grilled meat, salad, and sauces in pitta bread or naan, are also a popular takeaway choice, particularly after a night out.

Please note that the popularity of specific takeaway options can vary over time and may differ across different regions of England.

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