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Truffle 101

Truffles — which grow underground near the roots of certain trees, particularly oak, throughout central Europe — are highly sought after for their distinct earthy, musky flavour and scent. They are often served shaved over dishes like pasta or risotto.

There are four main varieties of truffles used in cuisine. Though prices vary depending on the strength of the growing season and the rarity of the type, but on average: £200 per pound for summer black truffles; £285 per pound for Burgundy, which grow from September through February; £650 per pound for winter black, which grow from November through March; and £1500 to £3500 for Alba (a town in Italy) or white truffles, which grow from early October through December.

Truffles are rare, in part, because they are nearly impossible to cultivate (recreating the necessary growing conditions is both difficult and costly and it can take years to yield truffles and decades to turn a profit). They are also hard to find.

Truffle hunters use specially trained dogs to help them in their effort. A very good dog to a hunter is the most precious thing in the world. And for all that effort, there’s a preciously small return. Truffle Hunters are not going to find pounds and pounds, usually each one can find just a few ounces.

In addition to their rarity, truffles lose about 5 percent of their weight everyday, so they have to be harvested, processed and shipped as quickly as possible!

Find Truffles on the Foodchain app from Mr Truffle. Mr Truffle specialises in sourcing the finest Italian truffles that nature has to offer and delivering them to you, on demand. With a combined 30 years of specialised, local experience, they select only the best truffles from the Apennines mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty untarnished by modern agricultural techniques and methods.

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