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English Tomatoes, which you don’t have to wait until August for.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The Tomato Stall was started in 2007 drawing on the best of the UK’s limited rays in the sunny Arreton Valley on the Isle of Wight. They started selling these summer treats in village markets, but luckily for us, became so popular that they can now take sizeable orders, DIRECT TO RESTAURANTS for as little as £3.85 a kilo.

Restaurants can work directly with Isle of Wight tomatoes for as little £3.85/kilo.

The UK imports close to 400,000 tons of Tomatoes a year. These are jetted in from warmer climes which takes its toll on both flavour and planet. It’s no wonder so many have been so keen to switch to the colourful toms which spring up from our most southern isle: working with The Tomato Stall is closer, kinder and fresher than anything from Spain or Italy.

Not from the channel tunnel, but straight from the polytunnel to your plate.

The Tomato Stall are committed to using biodegradable growing systems.

All of their tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine, and picked as soon as they are ripe and ready. Through Foodchain, you can cut out the veggie wholesalers’ refrigerated warehouse and get them delivered straight to your restaurant door.

Even better, The Tomato Stall ticks all the boxes for sustainable agriculture, using native bees as pollinators and natural predators to control pests, they even produce their own composted fertiliser. They are quite literally a thousand miles from the trucks which bring your tomatoes from Spain.

Because the Tomato Stall utilise a techy system of LED’s, their plants stay warm and sunny for an extended season, so they can offer flavours to shout about even after the harshest frosts. The future is here (or rather its on the Isle of Wight) and it tastes bloody fantastic!

As if this serenade weren’t enough to get on-board, then we’re showing you some of our chefs who are well ahead of the game; popping summer flavours even before the height of tomato season.

Nicholas Balfe and Tom Hurst’s menu at Salon, Brixton

Pickled with elderflower, Salon in Brixton have combined two seasonal treasures in a delicious stroke of genius. Over in Flat Iron square, Bar Duoro have put a Portuguese spin on those similarly pickled flavours, using a White Port Vinaigrette to play off the sweetness of those sun-soaked tomatoes.

Gary Cutcliffe, Tom Sellers & Tom Phillips work directly with The Tomato Stall, its a core part of their menu every summer.

The team at Restaurant Story have bucked the trend, using Vanilla and Caviar alongside Tomato. We think its safe to say which ingredient stands out on this plate though. How are you guys gonna make the most of this incredible fruit?

The Tomato Stall’s produce can be on your doorstep twice a week at the touch of a button! Download the app on iOS and Android to make the most of the network of suppliers available on our platform, working directly with suppliers assures the freshest, most transparent produce for your table.

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