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Spices 101 with Ren’s Pantry

We are so pleased to announce that we now have Ren's Pantry available on the app offering only the best spices and ingredients around!

Ren's Pantry is all about working with chefs and restaurants to create the best blends that are specific to your needs, often resulting in one of a kind mixes.

Ren’s passion for Indian food is well known to her family and friends. Her reputation grew rapidly as the number of people asking for cookery tips and lessons steadily increased. Ren realised that she had discovered her passion.

With ‘curry’ being the nation’s favourite food, most people either go out to restaurants to eat it, grab a ‘take away’ or buy lavishly photographed Indian cookery books, but only to find that they just can’t get the flavours they crave quite right – this is where Ren gets involved.

Ren had worked in a corporate environment for 13 years and after being made redundant and giving birth to her beautiful daughter, Monica in 2003 she wanted to find a way of spending time with Monica at home but still pursuing a career. Ren’s Kitchen was therefore born in the summer of 2004.

Learn about some of her most popular spices and their origins!


An essential ingredient, Jaggery is unrefined cane sugar, it is less sweet that palm sugar and is mostly used in savoury dishes to create a balance between the sour and the salty.


Otherwise known as devils dung and stink finger! It is a resin from a bulb like tree, the theory is that the food we eat should work in harmony with our bodies and not make us flatulate, Asafoetida is also used as substitute for onions and garlic by many faiths including the Jain.

Fresh raw coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are the product of overgrown fresh coriander, they should be green or slightly brown.

Ajwan seeds

Used in dishes with Okra and are a marriage with gram flour so you will need them when making any type of pakora.

Find Ren’s spices and spice blends on the Foodchain app now. Download the app on iOS and Android to make the most of the network of suppliers available on our platform, working directly with suppliers assures the freshest, most transparent produce for your table.

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